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Frequently Asked Questions

 01 How do I get my  Educational Program login information?

After registering to the program, creating your password and confirming your e-mail, you can log in to the system.

Important: In order to prevent late entry to the training, the registration link will become inactive 14 days after the program starts. If you are late in registering, you can find out the date of the next training program by following this site.



 02 How long can I enter the  Education Program?

You can use the system for 3 months after the program starts.



 03 About the Personal Development and Awareness training program

The Personal Development and Education program is a 12-week program. It's okay if you can't complete all the exercises and practices given in the program on time. You can enter the program for 3 months and complete your missing applications.


The program contains 9 pieces of educational content and Awareness practices.

This training program is designed for you to do the practices that are offered to you on certain dates,  for 12 weeks from the start date.

ImportantIf you switch to the next application without doing the applications in order, you will not be able to benefit from the program. It is not possible to achieve success in this program without doing awareness exercises and practices.


 04  How can I register for the program?

Please read this section before starting the program.

+ Register for the program at this link:

+ On the page that opens "STUDENT" Select and set your password.

+ Confirm the confirmation e-mail sent to you by the system and log in to the system.

*After registering for the program from the link above, you can optionally access the program via the Web or the application.

Class participation code: 6z5aki

Login from the web platform:


(iOS) app:


(Android) app:


Use of the platform:
Please read this section before starting the program.


+ After logging into the system "News Feed" you can get information about the program by watching the start videos in the " section.
+ You can also find the answers to the questions you want to ask about the program on the same pages.

+ “Calendar” section lists the applications in chronological order and guides you.

+ Program Calendar and Upcoming You should watch them in order of the sections.

+ Before completing the application ​you can Write your notes and then “Turn in Assignment" and"Submit"

+ After completing the application, from the menu you must mark it as  “Mark as Complete.

After logging into the program, the "" in the upper menu of the program notifications Please don't forget to open it. In this way, you will be able to progress in the program by receiving the notifications sent to you throughout the program.


Important: In order to get the maximum benefit from the program, it is recommended that you do the applications within the specified dates and by giving yourself at least one week for each application.


 05 What can I do so that the  Education Program can contribute to me?

Doing all the applications given to you during the program on time provides you with the maximum contribution to your personal and professional development. If you have special works and projects, it is recommended that you dedicate a few hours to this program every Sunday by doing time management.



 06 I have a question about the  Training Program, how can I send it to the instructor?

When the training starts, instead of answering the questions you ask to the trainer about the program one by one, the trainer responds to your questions by sending a message to the whole group through the application, so you can find answers to all kinds of questions in your mind. 

 07  How can I get support for logging into the platform?

+ For All kinds of support for accessing and using the platform please contact the Platform provider.

Support line:

+ You can get answers to all your questions about the training program by sending a message within the program after you become a member of the program.

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