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On this page, you can find some of my references regarding my project management, training and consultancy services that I have done at home and abroad.

Hülya Mutlu

Instructor, Speaker


Harun is someone who never ceases to strive to be the best in all the hats he wears. He has a high work discipline, loves to learn and is very generous in sharing what he knows. Content creation is inspiring. When you take part in a project with him, your heart is very relieved as you know that he will fulfill every responsibility fully.

Mehmet Baker

Business Sales Manager, IKEA


I have been receiving support from Harun for about 3 months within the scope of Integral Coaching. I had an incredibly useful process in realizing yourself, questioning the reasons behind the decisions you made and will make, and identifying your needs and stresses. His methods are really different, fun and allow you to look from another place. Thanks to his calm and quality communication, you can find the answer to every question together. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to meet and work with Harun like me.

Can Dilek

Marketing Director at SUWEN


Summarizing Harun with few words is not an easy task for anyone in the marketing business. He is truly talented about driving the business in an online way. His passion for e-business and e-marketing is remarkable and worth watching as a lecture at a real-time college. He is patient, determined, definitely creative, unfailing and a smart coach for others around him. He always focuses on future projects and a delicate experience for the customers. I feel lucky to get to know and working with him.

Busra Baytur

Industrial Engineer, MBA


I am one of the participants of Harun's Integral Coachingprogram. Through the program, you can look at events in a way that you have not looked at before. Rather than classical advice,he uses variety of methods so that I can find the right answers tomy questions. Thank you for everything Harun!

Mehmet Emin Yildiz

Avionics System Engineer


I feel very fortunate that I had the privilege of working with Harun as my leadership coach. During our time together, Harun navigated me through the results of my feedback, focusing on the strengths that I had failed to recognize and improvement opportunities, then worked closely with me to outline actionable steps for my way forward. Harun is not only challenging and insightful but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. Besides his friendship, he used professional methods like Birkman and tailored some activities for me that has facilitated my transition into another level. As a result of time together, I have seen improved performance and greater self-confidence in my own ability to lead, and increased positive perception about my leadership that has led to new opportunities. I name Harun as a great contributor to the success and leadership/self-leadership.

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Tugay Okatan

Electrical & Electronics Engineer, MBA


I am one of those who had the chance to attend Mr. Harun's mentoring training. The content of the training does not include the information you can find in the books. We often have to make an effort, question, reflect, and express ourselves. I can also guarantee that after the training is over, you will be a very different person than you were before.

Jabeena Begum

Country Marketing Manager, Cloud Computing at Dell

There are many kinds of employees, some grace their office seat every morning, some work and some are really passionate about their job. According to me, Aaron belongs to the last category. I have worked with Harun for quiet sometime now and can easily place him in the group of individuals who go the extra mile to do their job better than the best. Heading operations is not an easy task and making yourself available round the clock to address issues at odd times from different corners of the world makes it even tougher. I've always found Harun very receptive and willing to take charge and fix problems to the best of his abilities. I would highly recommend Harun and believe that he would make a great asset to any organisation. 

Rob Alexander

Sr Content Implementation Manager at AT&T

I have had the pleasure of working for Harun for the last year at CDC Software. We worked on many large projects together and he has always kept track of the smallest details and managed them and the Operations team perfectly. Harun is always level headed and calm and great to work for. Technically Harun is very proficient and was a great mentor to me and the rest of the ops team.

Dave Morfas

Director of Product Marketing at Plex Systems, Inc.

Harun and I work together in the global marketing team at Aptean. Harun's operations team is critical to lead-generation management as well as Web content creation and SEO/SEM success. Harun consistently makes solid recommendations regarding improvements that could be made both to enhance the customer experience as well as improve lead-gen results. He is also consistently open to hearing new ideas and collaborating with others to come up with the best solution. Great team player, great collaborator.

Jason Rushfort

Vice President & General Manager - Customer Experience Business Unit at Infor

Aaron is the best of the best! There are very few people that hold the skills that Harun does for SEO. He has immensely helped our web pressure and is making improvements every single day! Harun is a great employee and an amazing person!


Personal development and awareness trainings were provided to more than 4,000 professional managers, recent graduates and graduate candidates on LinkedIn. Let's see what the participants say...

A magnificent “12 weeks” and increased awareness. Thank you, Mr. Harun, for your support and guidance in this process that increases awareness, shows that you have a strong you, and changes and renews your perspective. Of course, the reason for our thanks is not so few as to be written here, but I would like to thank you especially for the support you have given to Çankırı Karatekin University İİBF students, and I would like to express that we would like to see you here with us. Stay with love and health.

Melek Yıldız / Çankırı Faculty Member at Karatekin University

As one of the participants, I can say that you have changed my perspective on events and situations. As I take action, I think of your advice and say, Harun recommended that. In the 4th week group meeting, it was wonderful to meet with valuable participants and meet with you one-on-one. You have revealed the things that I could not realize in myself so well that as a trainer I put your advice in my bag and I apply it.  Thank you very much for everything Harun Tasci

Technical Training Supervisor at Arif Alataş / Eczacıbaşı Tüketim Ürünleri

It is a unique opportunity to take the first steps for the new you, no matter what you have experienced, lost or postponed before.Harun TasciMy teacher not only helps you to scorch your heart with the motivation you need, to see that the obstacles that will come your way are a unique opportunity for you, to never lose your faith and to keep your steps continuous, but also shares the same excitement with you. Glad we crossed paths with you.

Güven Sezgün / Playback Theater Actor / Stand Up Comedian

I am writing as someone who has completed this process. It was a wonderful process, I am not alone on this path, I saw it. We had a meeting with very nice people. We are still in contact. I told my own story and heard very impressive stories. I recommend it to anyone who believes they need it. Your work is very valuable, thank youHarun Tasci

Team Leader at Tutku Kocaman / Yetkin Gençler

Are you ready to thank the old You and embark on a journey to create the new Me? Are you really ready to get off autopilot and take the helm of your own life, leave your comfort zone, get restless and create the new You? So don't stop, take action! Someone from Ancient Sisyphus who has succeeded in becoming a New Phoenix tells you this. Thanks Harun Taşcı, I am glad that our paths crossed.

Yasemin Karakaya

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