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We design methods suitable for the essence of your business, create your communication language and marketing journey, and think about things that will express you correctly. Everything starts with the right growth and marketing strategy. That's why we put the idea at the core of our work, first we create the strategy. We put dialogue and interaction in all channels of traditional and digital media at the center of our strategy.

CMS Development & Migration Project (

Managed scoping, design and implementation of the new platform for to Sitecore CMS.
(to which all Aptean software product sites worldwide migrated). 


- Managed the integration of their  marketing platform (Eloqua+Pivotal CRM+ Sitecore CMS) for all of their activity that integrates online (SEO, SEM, SMM, lead gen programs) and offline (events, trade shows) ) strategies.

- The website was localized in German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish and French with over 2,000 document downloads (whitepaper, brochure, etc) and 500 videos.


Global SEO Project ( SEO project was a huge undertaking and accomplishment that required a high level of participation from stakeholders from different geos. In this project, we were able to shape the way they engage with their audience through organic search.


- Improved brand equity on the Web through SEO, Social Media, and PR optimization, deep linking and excellent content that attracts links from other sites.
- Achieved 63 organic search listings in the first position, 275 listings in the top 10 position on Google for many other industry related keywords and beat top competitors such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP

- Domain authority has been improved from 0 to 72.


Hootsuite CMS Development and Migration Project (

We're proud of our work on this CMS Development and Migration project. 


- Managed scoping, design, implementation and migration of the new CMS platform, a high performance, lead generating, multi-languaue website integrated with CRM, MAS platforms.

- Managed building customer landing pages and tailored customer journeys to turn the website into a lead gen machine.


Hootsuite Localization Project (

Managed centralize translation and localization process for consistency in translation and global branding.


- Managed content translations and uploads and rolled out 7 new in-language sites in German, Spanish (ES and LATAM), French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.

- Managed the implementation of tagging system so that their content can be discovered by decision makers in various industries.

- Provided personalized messaging to site visitors in different geos to improve visitor experience and conversion.

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Some of Our Projects
Hootsuite Social Thrones

Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media, loved by over 15 million people around the globe and trusted by more than 800 of the Fortune 1000. With Hootsuite, brands harness the power of social. Our platform brings together your social networks and integrates with hundreds of business applications. It's the one place to build customer relationships, listen to the needs of the market and grow your revenue.

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Aptean helps businesses profit, innovate and grow where the work gets done—in the call center, on the floor of the factory, at the end of the assembly line. That's where Aptean's CRM, ERP and Supply Chain software applications enable nearly 5,000 customers to satisfy their customers, operate more efficiently and stay at the forefront of their industry. Aptean is where software WORKS.

Learn how Growth Target can help you achieve your business goals. 
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