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Birkman® Career Counseling


Solutions for Students

Are you ready for self-discovery and the right university choices with your professional tendencies based on your own competencies and strengths?

The Birkman Method survey offers comprehensive and creative solutions to individuals or students with various educational degrees. With this survey, you can realize your strengths and weaknesses, and you can also find out what education alternatives are most suitable for you.

With the Birkman Method survey, you will answer many general questions in 3 phases and at the end of your answers you will have an overall report showing your personal and social trends as well as the most recommended career paths in which you can succeed!

How Does Growth Target Help Students?

It will help you raise your self-awareness by allowing you to discover your true personal characteristics, interests and professional inclinations.

Realize Your Potential With Growth Target

Being one of the important steps in your life, the university and the program will have a very important place in your career. For this reason, we support you to choose the right university program based on scientific methods and personal characteristics, and support your life success.

We will be offering all kinds of support with Growth Target to make a difference in your business life by integrating your university program choice, university education and career management.


How Growth Target Helps Parents

Recognize your child's strengths and weaknesses

Growth Target helps parents discover and understand their children's behavioral traits so they can develop realistic expectations for their future careers and lives.

Thus, parents can guide their children to discover the right university program choices based on their personal interests and strengths, based on their educational and career paths.

The report will enable parents to invest in their children's future and thereby save time and money in today's costly education environment.

What Does Growth Target's Birkman Method Measure?

Birkman Method Life and Learning Styles Map Symbols are derived from many measured factors, including Interests, Behaviors, and Needs. They represent a unique aspect regarding one's approach, style, and motivational areas.

You Can Join the Program in 3 Easy Steps



  • Select the program "Career Counseling" to register for the program. 



  • Program fee: 16.500 TL 
    * 9.500 TL + VAT Birkman Method test fee is not included in the price.

  • 1 hour evaluation and interpretation service is provided in the program.

  • Interviews are held over Online/Skype/Zoom/Google Meet.



  • After taking the Birkman Method test sent to your e-mail, make an appointment for the evaluation and interpretation service.

  • Determine the date and time that suits you for the interview.

Examples of The Birkman Method® Test Screens 



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Video Tutorials 
Birkman Method

The Birkman Map summarizes the key data points from The Birkman Method personality assessment on a colorful and memorable gradated grid. This video reviews the two axes of the Birkman Map and what the four Birkman colors represent.

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