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Ve Maymun İlyada'yı Yazdı - by Harun Tasci

Ve Maymun İlyada'yı Yazdı - Harun Taşcı

I've finished the last reading of my long-working book "Ve Maymun İlyada'yı yazdı", and it's time to set it free. I had to let it go, even though I had a tendency to improve its content, rewrite it, rephrase it, add another idea.

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Many of us may have experienced impossible events. 

For some, it is called luck, destiny, fate, or coincidence, but for me, these are the moments when the monkey wrote the Iliad.

Consider that events that seem unrelated to each other actually occur as parts of a whole, and while creating your own reality, you are in a co-creation process consisting of infinite parameters...

That's when; Instead of trying to understand the visible world, you can infiltrate it and pierce its armor from the most unexpected place, and learn its most precious secrets with a beautiful trick.


And the monkey writes the Iliad for you too, as he wrote many times for me...


Ve maymun İlyadayı yazdı
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