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Personal Development and Mindfulness Program

The Personal Development and Mindfulness program, which is a synthesis of the Birkman Method® and Integral® Leadership Development programs, is given interactively on the LMS platform.

This program, created in partnership with Growth Target, is a unique program that has been scientifically developed and contributes multidimensionally to both the career development of individuals and their personal and professional development. 

What is the Purpose of the Program?

While focusing on our strengths, it is important to identify areas that we did not notice that need improvement. Many of our poor behavior patterns indicate that it is actually our stress behavior. It makes us realize that we need to manage our needs that we haven't identified yet.


By applying the exercises given in this program;

- To gain the ability to maximize the ability to use the mind and focus

- Your personality profile and what is really important to you,

- Identifying your motivators,

- Managing your productive behavior and stress behavior with needs analysis, 

- Developing some of your special muscles by combining coaching techniques with conscious awareness,

- Balancing your mind and increasing focus,

- You learn to use these solutions in education and career development.

Thanks to this program, you will increase your tendency to change and you will see that you can increase your leadership skills with specially prepared practices.

What is Program Content?

0. Book Suggestions
- Selecting at least one book from the book suggestions section and reading it during the program.


1. Focus Questions Practices
- What do I really want?
- What things are not working in my life?
- How are my goals, and my career affected?
- How is the current “me”, how should the new “me” be?
- What am I doing for transformation?


2. Identifying the Components of Needs, Interests, General Situations, and Stress Points
These 4 components are a very useful app for setting goals in life (Video + Audio) (practice with examples)


  • General Situation – Identifying areas of interest

  • Revealing talents

  • Motivation, making you feel valued

  • Identifying the need for rewards and recognition

3. Metaphor Creation Practices
Metaphor selection application. Don't watch the way you live your life by looking at yourself from the outside, with the metaphor you have chosen for who you are now and who you want to be.

How should the new you be, how should you decide, how should you behave in the face of an event, how should your reactions be different from the old year? (Video + Audio) (practice with examples)

4. Mental Space Increasing Practices

These practices aim to create the extra mental space that the participant needs in his personal development journey.

5. Mindfulness Exercises and Practices
With 16 different applications, changing and transforming the parts that make your life difficult and hinder your development one by one.


  • Openness to change and learning

  • Applications to improve decision-making skills

6. Focus Table Creation Practices

Goals with this table;
- You will increase your focusing power,
- You will be able to express your wishes clearly,
- By raising your energy, you will direct your focus to your goals,
- And you will make them happen

7. Goal-Setting Practices
The purpose of this app is to connect with your dreams and goals and understand how to achieve them.

8. Practices of Prioritizing Goals and Turning them into Attainable Actions

  • Practices to prioritize goals

  • Goal-to-action practices

9. Practices to Achieve Goals

  • Actions for goals

  • Applications to achieve goals

Also in the Program;

* Applications with message, video and audio recordings​,

* Mindfulness practices and exercises,

* Tests for emotional intelligence measurement,

* Achievements and Badges is given.

Frequently Asked Questions​

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in the program please read Frequently Asked Questions

Program Interface Examples
kisisel gelisim.png
Who Can Attend the Training?​

- Those who want to change and transform in their career and life
- Those who want to increase their quality of life by raising their conscious awareness in their own life

- Those who care about their personal and professional development and want to create change in their environment
- Those who want to reach the right channels in the incredible world of the unconscious

- Those who want to take their work to the next level with their negative beliefs, values and habits

- Those who want to touch the lives of others as mindfulness practitioners

You Can Join the Program in 3 Easy Steps
IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in the program please read Frequently Asked Questions


  • Program start date: Program full
    * Date of registration: Program full

  • Program fee: Free

  • Program duration: 3 months


  • Check out my book recommendations to get maximum benefit from the program..
    * My book complements each other with this program, I recommend you to read it to get maximum benefit from the program.


  • After registering to the program, you can log in here.


Personal development and awareness trainings were provided to more than 4,000 professional managers, recent graduates and graduate candidates on LinkedIn. Let's see what the participants say...

A magnificent “12 weeks” and increased awareness. Thank you, Mr. Harun, for your support and guidance in this process that increases awareness, shows that you have a strong you, and changes and renews your perspective. Of course, the reason for our thanks is not so few as to be written here, but I would like to thank you especially for the support you have given to Çankırı Karatekin University İİBF students, and I would like to express that we would like to see you here with us. Stay with love and health.

Melek Yıldız / Çankırı Faculty Member at Karatekin University

As one of the participants, I can say that you have changed my perspective on events and situations. As I take action, I think of your advice and say, Harun recommended that. In the 4th week group meeting, it was wonderful to meet with valuable participants and meet with you one-on-one. You have revealed the things that I could not realize in myself so well that as a trainer I put your advice in my bag and I apply it.  Thank you very much for everything Harun Tasci

Technical Training Supervisor at Arif Alataş / Eczacıbaşı Tüketim Ürünleri

It is a unique opportunity to take the first steps for the new you, no matter what you have experienced, lost or postponed before.Harun TasciMy teacher not only helps you to scorch your heart with the motivation you need, to see that the obstacles that will come your way are a unique opportunity for you, to never lose your faith and to keep your steps continuous, but also shares the same excitement with you. Glad we crossed paths with you.

Güven Sezgün / Playback Theater Actor / Stand Up Comedian

I am writing as someone who has completed this process. It was a wonderful process, I am not alone on this path, I saw it. We had a meeting with very nice people. We are still in contact. I told my own story and heard very impressive stories. I recommend it to anyone who believes they need it. Your work is very valuable, thank youHarun Tasci

Team Leader at Tutku Kocaman / Yetkin Gençler

Are you ready to thank the old You and embark on a journey to create the new Me? Are you really ready to get off autopilot and take the helm of your own life, leave your comfort zone, get restless and create the new You? So don't stop, take action! Someone from Ancient Sisyphus who has succeeded in becoming a New Phoenix tells you this. Thanks Harun Taşcı, I am glad that our paths crossed.

Yasemin Karakaya

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Video Tutorials 
Birkman Method

The Birkman Map summarizes the key data points from The Birkman Method personality assessment on a colorful and memorable gradated grid.


This video reviews the two axes of the Birkman Map and what the four Birkman colors represent.

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