Integral® Liderlik Gelişim Programı


Integral Leadership Coaching Helps Executives/Leaders Optimize Their Performance


“Integral” means comprehensive, whole, all-inclusive, complete. 


Consistent with this, Integral Coaching® refers to a way of developing leaders that is whole, complete and integrated – for lasting powerful transformational change. 



• Individual and Team-based Leadership and Executive Coaching 

• Corporate Leadership Development Programs 

• Organizational Culture Transformation

• Integrates Individual and Organizational Needs

• Builds the unique leadership capacities of each executive in support of the strategic leadership needs of the organization – enhancing the performance of both.

• Enhanced ability to manage complex challenges with greater ease, balance, energy and focus.

• Expanded capacity to lead in ways that is more collaborative, engaging and inspiring. 

• Reduced expensive turn-over because the right people want to stay as they feel supported and valued. 

• Increased capacity for change, creativity and innovation.


Culture transformation - Becoming the employer of choice for leaders looking for a corporate culture where vision, passion, performance and results are valued and aligned. 


From “Where You Are” …. 

- Seeing yourself in the Present -- Gain a comprehensive understanding of where the leader is right now … that is, the leader will see the ‘current way’ of leading up to now. 


- The leader’s ‘current way’ of leading is illuminated in a way that identifies what is working as well as what is no longer working and the capacities that need to be developed for optimal performance. 

• What needs to be accomplished to realize their greatest leadership potential? 

• What is limiting the realization of this potential? 

• What are the underlying reasons (current patterns, habits, etc.) 

• What are the biggest leverage points and unique path forward?


…. To “Where You Need To Be” 

• Realizing the Future – The path forward will leverage each leader’s strengths and address his/her unique developmental needs step-by-step with the help of a Certified Integral Coach™. 

• Over time, the leader will build new capacities (“muscles”) to lead in a ‘new way’. 

• The result is lasting powerful transformation.


One-on-one meetings by phone or in person in which leader and coach: 

•  Clarify goals and objectives 

•  Illuminate ‘Current Way’ of leading --‘blind spots’ and current patterns and habits that have kept you from realizing your highest potential 

•  Offer of ‘New Way’ with uniquely crafted action steps for learning, reflection and performance 

•  Engage in conversations that elevate strengths, raise awareness of limiting beliefs or actions and motivate you to perform to your highest leadership potential 

•  Practices between sessions uniquely designed to build and sustain new capabilities to realize the Coaching Objective

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What is Integral Coaching?


Integral Leadership Coaching Helping Leaders Optimize Their Performance.


“Integral” means comprehensive, whole, all-inclusive, complete. Consistent with this, Integral Coaching® refers to a way of developing leaders that is whole, complete and integrated – for lasting powerful transformational change.