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Hemen Randevu Al

Dosya Paylaşım Alanı
Proje ve Yönetim 

I provide full-service, growth-focused marketing services.  With proven, growth-focused marketing strategies, your business is bound for hyper-growth. Growth hacking can be applied to many aspects of your business and product life cycle. Learn how Growth Target can help you achieve your business goals.

Integral® Liderlik Gelişim Programı

Integral Leadership Coaching Helping Leaders Optimize Their Performance. Consistent with this, Integral Coaching® refers to a way of developing leaders that is whole, complete and integrated – for lasting powerful transformational change. 

Koçluk &

Becoming the employer of choice for leaders looking for a corporate culture where vision, passion, performance and results are valued and aligned.  I build unique leadership capacities of each executive in support of the strategic leadership needs of the organization – enhancing the performance of both. 

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